I took these photos a little while ago but decided to save the post until it really felt like summer, and I guess today is that day! It's really lovely outside,school is pretty much over for me, and I leave for Toronto in 12 days...WHAT?! For those of you that don't know I am living in Toronto for the summer months and working at my sisters adorable little shop Tea With Gladys as a summer camp art instructor/ TEAcher. You can check out the cuteness at her website HERE.
Anyways here are some outfit photos. I stood in this lake about a month ago when it was still freezing cold just because I feel like such a mermaid while wearing this skirt!

I am planning on doing vlogs this summer and taking you all on my little summer journey with me!
Thanks to Abbey for the fantastic photos and be sure to check out her flickr!

xx Cassidy

Skirt- H&M
Bandeau- Aerie
Sunnies- XXI


Where Will Art Take You?

 This is going to be a super quick post, I just wanted to share my latest creation with all of you!
I recently entered a contest put on by NSCAD (Nova Scotia College of Art and Design) called "Where Will Art Take You?" The challenge was to create a piece of artwork based on this theme and so I created a dress out of maps.
 I am so in love with the colors of the map I used on the front, and it was the perfect length, I didn't even have to cut it!It was really difficult to work with the paper because the pins kept punching holes and every day I would come back to see it looking slightly more droopy, but overall I am proud of my design.

The results of the contest are going to be revealed very soon but if you would still like to cast a vote or just show your support, please like the photo on NSCAD's Facebook wall HERE and leave a comment if you feel like being extra wonderful!

I will report back with the results in the near future


101 Dalmations

Hello! It is finally starting to feel like spring/summer here in Canada which is making me very excited as I no longer have to wear stockings. Hooray!
This outfit is one of my spring faves because I think longer skirts help with the transition from cool to warm weather. Midi skirts are definitely one of my spring staples this year!

For those of you that can't tell, YES my skirt has a bunch of little dogs and bones on it! It's like the 2013 version of the poodle skirt but with dalmatians.

And then there is this bag. I picked this up at a thrift store last weekend and it was on for $30! Such an outrageous price for a thrift store considering it it second hand and has signs of rust damage on the little screws. But I broke down and got it because it was just so darn cute and I had a 30% off coupon. When I came home I did some Internet research and found out it is most likely a hand-tooled real leather bag from Mexico circa 1950-70's and they are sold for around $70, so I would say I got a pretty good deal.

In recent news, I got a new camera and am excited to start jumping back on the blog train. I have two vlogs and another outfit post all ready to go!

xx Cassidy

Thanks to Abbey for the photos

Skirt- Target
Shoes-Joe Fresh
Purse- Thrifted


Minty Condition

"Minty Condition", this blog post title is actually the name of a dress I bought off of Modcloth a little while ago but I thought it was suiting!Today is the last day of March Break and I am really just sitting here wondering what I actually did the past ten or so days. All I know is I watched a lot of Dexter,played a lot of Candy Crush, and typed a lot on my typewriter (zine prep!).

The other day I got together with Abbey and we took some really quick photos because I live in Canada and it is still  very COOOLD out. Here are some shots from our ten minute 'photo-shoot' that we took while our pizza and garlic fingers were cooking the oven.

This is my "I am so cold where is my rising crust pizza?" look

 By now you all know that I love a  good deal, and these shorts are my latest YAY purchase because I have wanted lace shorts for a while but could never really find a decently priced pair ,until I went to Walmart of all places and got these for only $14.

I recorded two Vlogs over the break but I have to wait until my computer gets back from the computer fixing place so that I can do a little bit of editing and stuff. Thanks for reading 'ye old blog' everyone and have a great March! Also, look for my zine on my Etsy shop coming out sometime next week, I'll do another post to remind  you all.

 Love, Cassidy

Sweater- Pacsun
Blouse- Urban Planet
Shorts- Walmart
Belt- Thrifted
Boots- Vintage Store
Earrings- Forever 21


Tickled Pink

Last year I did a blog post about my New Years Resolutions and out of all the things I listed I can now say that I have actually successfully done one of them and dyed my hair PINK!

After 4 and a half hours at the salon I am really happy with how it all turned out. It matches surprisingly well with a lot of colors too so I'm not limited to my clothing choices (orange is one color that just doesn't work) but I especially like to match it with other pink things like this rosy Romwe sweater.

All fashion aside, I am in this advanced English class where we have to do a huge semester project with a minimum of 50 hours spent on it and it has to 'affect the society' in some way, so I have decided to start a zine publication and distribute it locally! I am looking for people,and by people I mean teenagers, to contribute artwork, comics, poems, aritcles, ETC. to the zine in order to showcase/promote themselves and share their opinions with the community (that's a direct quote from the project proposal) ! It's going to be called Sodapop so if anyone reading this is interested in contributing ( no matter where on the globe you are!) please contact me so I can see your stuff!

 Please 'like' Sodapop Mag on FB to keep in the loop and promote the mag: CLICK HERE

Thanks to Abbey Chong for taking these splendid photos, check out her flickr HERE, she is a talented photographer who gets better with every click of her cam :)

Have a fab February day for me everyone because it's snowing polar bears and hockey pucks here in Canada.

Sweater- Romwe
Skirt- Charlotte Russe
Hat- American Eagle (Kendall stole it from Dustin so thanks to 'Dusty')


Fur-ever young

It seems a bit  cliche to say 'it's been awhile' but the truth it has been a while, a long while. I won't bore you with the details of where I have been and what I have been doing the past few months but since my blogging hiatus began these are the basic things that have occurred:
  • I had a horrible job
  • I quit my horrible job
  • school happened
  • I survived the end of the world
  • I put up a new calender
  • My laptop broke as soon as I uttered the words " My New Years resolution is to blog more"
And that just about sums up the last few months of my life, exciting right?
So here is a little outfit post, because that's what my blogs all about,I honestly missed doing this
so much.


As you can see it is getting pretty snowy here in Canada which means it's also getting icy which means I am falling a lot while walking to my bus stop, thankfully I am not the only one! The other day I witnessed someone slip and slide around dramatically without actually falling for like two minutes and then when she finally got her feet flat on the ground she just kind of tipped over into a snow bank, thanks for making me feel better slippy girl at the bus stop!

I got this sweet little collar from my big sis Hilary for Christmas this year, faux fur is a personal winter favourite of  mine and the fact that it's pink just makes it 100x better!

Thanks for reading everyone, I hope to get back on the blogging train after my exams are over

Coat-Joe Fresh Kids
Leather Skirt-Charlotte Russe


Turtlenecks and Willow Trees

My friends and I took advantage of the great weather last weekend and had a little photo shoot in my friends backyard. There is a pond with a huge willow tree so all the photos turned out great thanks to the setting AND the photographer Abbey Chong! 
Check out more photo's from our day on her Flickr right HERE

I'm not usually one to like turtlenecks, but the color of this one was so pretty! Plus it was only $4.

Top- Thrifted
Skirt- H&M kids
Velvet Bow- Hand Made